The Basics of Baccarat


Whether you play online or in a real casino, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of baccarat. The game is played between the player and the banker. The goal of the game is to win if your hand total is close to nine. You will also need to learn about the various wagering options.

First, you should decide whether you want to bet on the player or the banker. If you choose to bet on the banker, you will need to wager on the banker’s hand. The banker’s hand has a 1.09% advantage over the player’s. If you want to bet on the player, you can do so as long as your total is between 0 and 5.

The player has to choose a hand. Then, the dealer will deal two cards to the player. Normally, the first card is dealt face down to the banker, but the dealer may request the third card. The third card is drawn by the dealer. Usually, the player draws a 2 or 3. If the dealer has a 7, the player should not draw a card. Similarly, if the dealer has a 6, the player should not draw a card.

Once the cards are dealt, the dealer will announce the totals. The totals are the sum of the value of the cards. The cards in the range from two to nine are called “pips.” These are worth a pip value, while the court cards are worth zero. Lastly, the last digit in the total is only important. If the card in the last digit is zero, then the total is 0. If the first two cards are 8, the banker will win. Likewise, if the player’s total is 9 or 10, the banker will win. The first two cards are called a “natural”. This is the highest score.

The game is played with chips, which are called ‘plaques’ in Europe. The chips are oblong in shape. The table is about the size of a craps table, and the dealer is stationed underneath the shoe. The table is separated from the rest of the casino’s action. The tables can be set up with up to twelve players.

If the player is on a winning streak, he should double his bet. If he is on a losing streak, he should reduce his bet to a reasonable amount. Then, he can take a break until the streak ends. Once the streak is over, he can resume betting.

The aces count as one point, while the tens and the picture cards have no value. The value of a ten is calculated by its index. The value of a face card is zero, as are the court cards. The cards in the range of four to eight are counted as the actual value.

Aside from doubling bets, many players also double their wagers when they win. This is a risky strategy. It can cause you to lose a lot of money, so it’s best to stick with your original wager.