Basic Blackjack Strategy


The goal of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand by a certain number of points. When both the player and the dealer bust, both lose. A push occurs if the two players have the same point value. In a push, neither the player nor the dealer wins. In blackjack, each player has an independent game with the dealer. One player may beat the dealer while another loses to the dealer. Fortunately, this scenario rarely happens.

Basic strategy

There are many benefits of understanding basic blackjack strategy. For one, it will help you determine your odds better. If you’ve never played blackjack before, you may benefit from learning the rules of the game first. Then you can choose a game with fewer decks, which will make it easier to predict what will happen next. Of course, the best strategy doesn’t guarantee that you will get the exact same card as the dealer. But you will be much less likely to lose money than if you were to bet against yourself.

Splitting Aces

If you’re looking for a strategy to increase your chances of hitting a blackjack hand, consider Splitting Aces in Blackjack. While it’s very rare to get two aces at the beginning of a blackjack game, this strategy can boost your game earnings. In many cases, splitting aces is the best way to increase your odds. However, there are some important rules to remember when splitting aces.


You can also call the bet you make on insurance as even money. Blackjack insurance is one of the side bets that you can make. But it is important to remember that the insurance bet is not actually insurance at all. It is a sucker bet that will not bring you much profit in the long run. Therefore, you should not take the insurance unless you are a smart player. In order to know if you are ready to take the Insurance bet, read the following guidelines:


Although many casinos offer the option to surrender, not all tables offer it. In fact, you may get a strange look when you try to use this option. Most players don’t even know what it is, and many make the mistake of misplaying their hands because they don’t understand the basic strategy of blackjack surrender. Surrender is only available at shoe blackjack games, though. Double and single deck blackjack games never offer this option. If you’d like to know how to use blackjack surrender to your advantage, read the following:

Insurance is a good bet

While it is not the most popular choice when playing blackjack, taking insurance is an important decision for your game. While taking insurance is not always the best bet, it can protect you from unforeseen events, and is an excellent option for players of all skill levels. Below, we’ll discuss why taking insurance is a good bet. Let’s look at the odds for each situation to see which option is right for you.

Taking even money

Many newbies to the game of blackjack have wondered whether they should take even money bets. When the dealer exposes an Ace, you are offered an even money payout. It is always advisable to take even money when possible. This strategy is based on the long-term winnings of the dealer. You need to know how much money the dealer typically wins. In this case, you can get $100 or $150. In case you choose the latter, you will get a push and lose no money.

Doubling down

There are several situations when doubling down in blackjack makes sense. As the name suggests, this is a risky move, which may cost you twice as much money as doubling down. However, there are also many benefits to doubling down. In this article, we’ll look at three situations in which doubling down makes sense. Read on to learn why. Listed below are some tips to keep in mind while doubling down in blackjack.